About TCMC


Training Center for Management of Conflicts (TCMC) is Non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting peace. We were established after the outbreak of the violent conflict in Macedonia (end of 2001) as a response to the identified need to contribute to easing the process of reconciliation among of all ethnic communities. We operate as a training center that provides specialized trainings on Peacebuilding topics for different organizations. Our interactive and dynamic training approach represents a unique teaching style in the field of informal education.  
TCMC implements  its activities through  organizing courses, seminars, workshops, tribunes, study trips, cultural and sport activities, publications as well as through sharing and exchanging information supporting our goals and values. We provide training services for other organizations that are interested in getting the best experiences from the training pool that operate with the following Peacebuilding topics: Democracy, Human rights, Dialogue, Reconciliation, Management of conflicts, Intercultural understanding, Mediation, Negotiation, Stereotypes, Prejudices, Non-violent communication, Leadership, Management, Organizational development and project cycle Management.  So far, we have already provided more than 300 trainings for other organizations, governmental or nongovernmental.

TCMC began as the initiative of couple of trainers who had been specifically trained in Peacebuilidng. However, because we wanted to have institutional support and not be so dependable on freelance engagement as trainers we decided to form an NGO that reflects our common dream. So, defining our common dreams we saw potential in creating connections from our similarities. Jointly now we are simply dedicated to promoting peace and we consider ourselves as Agents of change!  

Our clients
Most of the organizations that have showed interest in our type of trainings are in the field of Non governmental and non profit organizations (NGOs), Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and some private companies. Our clients trust us not only to provide quality trainings, but also believe in our organizational abilities to set up very good conferences. For more information, please look at our biography of activities of TCMC as well as in the CVs of the trainers that are working for us.

Because Macedonia has historically had a socialist system of education where patriarchal behaviors were commonplace, children were not invited to address their issues and concerns. However, today, as they developed personalities and gained the confidence to assert themselves, they began having difficulties coping with authorities and older people. Knowing these facts and having a background of western style of education, the trainers of TCMC wanted to help in the transition of the particular education system of Macedonia. Luckily we have received substantial support from our community. However, there remains quite a lot to still be done in introducing Peacebuilding topics in the curricula of the schools and universities. No one can say that tolerance is something that has already achieved in Macedonia. Many things need to be done in order to have healthy inter-ethnic relations that will be sustainable and last forever. This can only be done with constant support of those who promote values of peace and tolerance.

Training programs
Each of our training programs at the Training Center for Management of Conflicts (TCMC) are tailored for the specific target groups. This can easily be seen from our training approach, which is found on this web page. Feel free to download our three-day detailed working program for facilitators as well as the prepared example of program for the participants (ENG, AL, MK). This particular facilitators program can be helpful in developing an individualized approach for dealing with the topics of Peacebuilding. The program prepared for the participants can be a useful tool not just for working professionals or trainers on Peacebuilding topics but also for the organizers of the events (seminars).



We are Dedicated to promoting Peace !