The region of South-Eastern Europe is a ground where a lot of different cultures meet. This multiculturalism makes the relations between people of different cultures a mater of daily practice. The problems that have been prevailing in our society have forced people to good deeds and to blame others for the turmoil. This has been a major problem in the Balkan which has led people to completely separated entities, necessary and important contacts. As a result of leaving the problem behind, we have witnessed all these wars which in turn have worsened situation. For that reason this region is rated as the lowest in Balkan economy, respectively in the cultural and educational fields. In lack of other options, people easily resorted to armed conflicts as an option for solving the problems. As a part of Balkan and not being able to learn from the neighbouring experiences, Macedonia faced an open-armed conflict. Culture of violence became way of living that people started to accept as an everyday appearance. Addressing the issue of Peace in our society, this particular program is also trying to eliminate the existing culture of violence, especially in the schooling surroundings.


1. Research Paper: “Ohrid framework agreement, challenge or opportunity”

Presented at the Conference of Center for Research and Policy Making, titled “ 20 years Macedonian independence – economic, political and policy developments”

15-16 September 2011, Skopje


2. Presentation: "Educational Approaches to dealing with the past in school to oppose political exploitation of history"

Prepared for the conference: “Remembering the future: the role of youth and adult education in working with the past and reconciliation processes”
12 – 13 December 2011, Bonn


3. "Different identities – challenge or opportunities for the multicultural Macedonia"

Article published in Koha e re and Newsletter of ForumZFD

4. Research Paper: “History textbooks between reality and ideology – Albanian view”
Conference: Historiography and History Education in the South Slavic- and Albanian-Speaking Regions, 3-4 June 2015, Skopje; Organized by Georg Eckert Institute form Germany
Presented by: MSc. Albert Hani, Deputy Country director of forumZFD and D-r. Skender Asani, Director of the Institute for Cultural and spiritual Heritage of Albanians

5. Research Papers presented on a Identy Conference organized by TCMC and ForumZFD:  “Cultural Historical and spiritual heritage of Macedonia – challenges, opportunities and prospects”, 8 May 2012, Skopje




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