• TCMC became creative, recognized, respected and well known Peacebuilding and Management organization in Macedonia that has established very good cooperation with Local and International agencies in Macedonia as well as with the business sector;
  • TCMC in it’s pool of trainers has established well known Peacebuilding trainers that are implementing trainings for different national and international organizations;  The style, approach and tailored working modules are highly appreciated by our partners;
  • TCMC is accepted as partner by the decision making structures such are Ministry of Education Secretariat for Implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement (SIOFA), Several local municipalities and other state institutions;
  • TCMC with help of it’s partners has been successful to Institutionalize mediation by placing it in the curricula of the schools as so called “project activities”; 
  • Managed to keep the tradition of running the Youth leadership program on yearly basis, since 2001, and managed to produce potential future leaders that the organization can count upon;
  • TCMC manages very good to make links between grass roots and political leaders; we act as community mediators in the society particularly in school environments;
  • TCMC is successful in networking, by maintain and developing network with other Peacebuilding NGOs operating in Macedonia; we have also empowered larger network of individuals to become interested and promote the values of Peace; 
  • TCMC has improved much more the visibility of our activities with media presence (web page, publishing of brochures and books etc.) ;
  • TCMC is present in most of the events that are organized by the embassies, governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations and NGOs;


Statements of ex participants of the Youth leadership program