Summary (list) of realized projects of TCMC since its establishment


Study trip to USA “Creating a Diverse Workforce” October 3-11 , 2011: The study visit was part of the project “Affirmative action, reflection of multiculturalism and benefit to the business sector” developed by the Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement (SIOFA) in cooperation with the Center for Management of Conflicts, forumZFD and Globar HR™. Following this request the embassy has positively responded to the needs of the partners, and jointly with the Bureau of educational and cultural affairs/International Visitor leadership Program has organized a study trip for five representatives in Macedonia.
If interested in details about theese activity please take a closer look on the Narative report or contact the project manager

  1. 9-25 September 2011, Study Visit of DRC team from Georgia, Realizing that the region of Caucasus has a lot in common with the Balkan region, The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) from Gali and Training center for Management of conflicts (TCMC), considered that connection of the two regions can lead to very fruitful experience sharing exercise. Therefore a study trip was organized in Macedonia for group of 5 representatives from Georgia and Abhkazia. Read More ...
  2. Social dialogue on Identities :TCMC in cooperation with its partner organizations is organizing a forum discussion as a platform for social dialogue on the issue of Identities in Macedonia. The forum discussion is titled as “Dealing with different identities – opportunity or challenge for a multicultural Macedonia”.
    The event was held in two days on the 8th and 9th of April 2011 at  Hotel Alexander Palace\, starting at 12:00 h.   More …
  3. “Theatre as tool to analyze conflicts”. Form 12 to 13 of February 2011, TCMC and its partner NGO Forum ZFD, organized training that aimed to further promote theatre as tool to analyze and manage conflict. Forum theatre style/technique and devising theatre scenes (Developing scenes which connect to real issues) will be the core topics of the training. More ....
  4. With support of the Council of Europe, TCMC send 12 participants to be part of the summer camp “Antiracist word cup” 7-11 July 2011. The activity was organized in Bologna by the Italian organization Mondiali antirazisti.
  5. Photography workshop “Different religions bridges of Peace” was a project that was supported by UNESCO within the frames of the project of IRZ – Tetovo. For this project we have organized a photography workshop on the 16 June 2010 for 24 students that took picture of religious and cultural objects that are part of the world heritage. Pictures were exhibited at the summer camp 2010. Additionally we have organized a workshop for presentation of the awarded pictures to 62 other students and at the same all students were part of the dialogue session on “The role of youth on taking care of the world heritage”.
  6. "Overcome ignorance – Get to know the others", TCMC in cooperation with Forum Civil Peace Service and financial support of the Council of Europe, Directorate of Democracy and Political Affairs, during the summer 2010 organized a summer camp named « Overcome ignorance – Get to know the others « Read more ...
  7. "Continuation of the Youth Leadership Program" In December 2009, TCMC in cooperation with the German organization Forum Civil Peace Service has restarted the Youth leadership program 2010 Read more
  8. " Training Course on intercultural learning & conflict management", project within Youth in Action Programme 3.1. Supported by: Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency of the European Union. The project was under the Youth in Action Programme, titled Training Course on intercultural learning & conflict management. For more information please contact TCMC.
  9. School Mediation project: Developing Democratic Schools – Learning and living Peace
    TCMC – in partnership and support from the German FORUM - Ziviler Friedenst Diensts in January 2009 started school Mediation project titled “Developing Democratic Schools – Learning and living Peace”.
  10. In October 2008, TCMC has done in-house research on the Training needs for the Secretariat for implementation of the Ohrid framework Agreement
  11. Documentary movie for the work of the Municipal commisions for relations among communities (October 2008)
  12. Documentary movie in partnership with the German Forum - Ziviler Friedens Diensts School Mediation project: Developing Democratic Schools – Learning and living Peace (November 2008)
  13. Youth exchange "Intercultural learning and Conflict management" Youth in action project
  14. Project Eklektika - Study trip for Macedonian jurnalists in Kosovo;
  15. “Bona Adventia” – joint project with CDI Tetovo (Study trip in Kosovo for Macedonian journalist on the issue of the status Kosovo and its influence on Macedonia) March 2007
  16. “Win the unknown – Get to know the others better” – YLC 2007/08, 5 Youth Leadership seminars
  17. Follow up of Youth Leadership Conferences March 2005-06-02
  18. 3 Youth Leadership Conferences October – December 2004
  19. “Mediarte” Joint project with NGO Sargantana Spain – 19 -31 August 2004
  20. Building Peace Through Dialogue 3, Kicevo, 14-16 October 2003
  21. Building Peace through Dialogue 2, Gostiva 31.10 until 02.11.2003
  22. Building Peace through dialogue, Tetovo 09-12 October 2004
  23. Training course on intercultural-learning, conflict management and EU
  24. Seminar on “intercultural  learning” in Ohrid 2002,
  25. Seminar for Intercultural-learning and conflict management in Tetovo, for the secondary school students “We can!!!” 31.08 until 01.09.2002
  26. citizenship “ Bridges over the troubled water” 19 -29 January 2002,
  27. Seminar for Intercultural-learning and conflict management in Gostivar, for the secondary school students “We can!!!”