Our pool of trainers
In the pool of trainers TCMC mobilizes trainers from different organizations and freelance trainers that specialized on Peacebuilding topics. We provide additional trainings for them and we build additionally their capacities.

Our poll of trainers currently is composed of 8 experienced Trainers on Peacebuilding and 10 assistant’s facilitators that support the work of the core trainers. All of them are not constantly involved in CMC. They are all involved in et least one other NGO, but they are committed to develop TCMC as the most famous training center specialized Peacebuilding topics.

Our challenge:
Except our biggest challenge to develop TCMC as the most famous Peacebuilding training center in the Region of Balkans and Europe, we are willing to break down the barriers in entering in to the public and business sector. Getting them interested would be an asset for the whole society in Macedonia. Unfortunately they do not understand the importance of having relaxed interethnic relations in administration that is growing and mixing rapidly. The same is valid for the business sector. They also yet do not understand that equal representation and healthy interethnic relations are jus prerequisite for bigger profit for them. Generally speaking Peace is hard to be sold to Public and Private sector.